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Photography credit:
Eden Taylor, Adena Lyndon, Jessica Chapman, Raphy, Zoe Blow
Nabe Studios Presents:
'STI's I've Had: A Ceramic Exhibition to Queer Sexual Heath' By Raphy

'STI’s I’ve Had: A Ceramic Journey to Queer Sexual Health' is a collection of surrealist vessels that tell the chronological story of Raphy’s experience accessing queer sexual health screening and treatment.  Inspired by the term ‘vessel’ to both refer to objects thrown on the wheel that carry water and also our bodies which carry disease and infections, the collection is a series of vessels that depict the various STI’s Raphy has encountered and are accompanied by a story for each.


Contending that young queer people are not taught how to seek out appropriate help for these infections and usually must rely on a ‘whisper network’ for vital health information, STI’s I’ve Had aims to address the often mysterious, scary and heavily stigmatised world of sexual health through a humorous, surreal lens.

Each vessel was paired with a poignant, humorous, intimate story documenting Raphy's experiences, which were narrated and reordered by Raphy and and made available via Soundcloud for visitor's to listen to as they viewed each piece. 

Through optional door donations, we helped raise money for Pay The Rent and PRONTO! at Thorne Harbour Health. 

Raphy is an emerging ceramic artist working on Wurundjeri country in Fitzroy North. Drawing from a background composing psychedelic music, Raphy creates surreal sculptural art that conceptualises ideas around identity, sexuality and culture. Vibrant colours and glossy finishes are paired with obscure and interesting forms to create unique and often functional vessels.

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