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While Nabe is volunteer-run and does not currently have additional funding support, we do our best to make small improvements in areas where we can to make using our space as easy as possible. We've included photos of our space in the carousel to the right so you can see what our space looks like when you visit.

Our Spaces
Our studios are split between two buildings; The House (artist studios, kitchenette and bathroom), and The Old Shop (exhibition and event space).
Wheelchair Access

There are no stairs, however there are 2 x 20cm high threshold clearances to enter the house and to access the bathroom. We have built two portable wheelchair ramps for both venues.


The House - 810mm wide

The Old Shop - 1100mm wide.

While accessing The Old Shop (the gallery) is 100% wheelchair friendly, The House doors are 40cm off from meeting the standard Australian requirement for wheelchair access.

Screen Shot 2023-03-11 at 5.11.51 pm.png


We have one toilet located inside The House, and one outdoor toilet located in the Courtyard.

 If you need to use a bathroom when you visit Nabe, there are accessible toilets located close by in the J.J Holland Park Playground. We've included a map.

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