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Nabe's creative access fund
helping to create diversity in creative participation & representation
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All For One & Art For All
Nabe Studio's creative access fund
~Donations now closed~
All For One & Art For All is Nabe's creative access donation fund that helps us to host a combination of free and discounted creative events and reduce fees for exhibiting. Reducing ticket and hire fees means a wider range of people can participate in creative events and enjoy using our space. 
Help artists
show their
Why is this cause important? 
Healthier, happier people = a healthy, happier society and a more connected community! 

Participating in creative events and activities has many social, cultural and health benefits and should be something everyone is able to access. A $30 ticket doesn't sound like a lot to some, but for others, can mean missing out on enriching, creative, community-forming activities. 

How are my donations used?

When you donate, your money goes straight into our arts access bank account. When someone else hosts a workshop at Nabe, we dip into this fund to shave off a few dollars per ticket. This not only reduces the cost for you to join in, but the overall hire fee for the workshop host!


When we host exhibitions, we can use this money to help cover exhibiting fees for under-represented makers and those from marginalised or minority communities. This money then goes straight back into helping Nabe run and cover admin costs.

Where, how and when can I donate?

At all our ticketed events we collect optional door donations, 40% percentage of which goes towards Pay The Rent. You can also donate directly online

Help Nabe to keep providing more events!
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