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Welcome to the Friends With The Nabe Brick Wall of Fame!

This is where we scribble all our love dedications to those who have generously donated their time, support, skills or reached into their pockets to help The Nabe be as nabe-y as it possible can.


Thank you to each and every one of you, and to those whose names we don't know who are here in spirit! We couldn't have done it without you, and needed to scream it to the world (or at least scribble it onto our brick wall).  

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All For One & Art For All so we can make our space accessible to more people.

Kaye Allen

Moris Horton

Jaren Howard

Jack Ziesing

Kenzie Wood

Saskia Blow

Bec Gubbins

Emma Clark

Rose Gordon

Marco Cher-Gibard

Mikhail Ruzhanskiy

Mitchell Beatty

Eloise McCullough

Alice Coates

Samantha Hines

Jericho Clearfield

Lily Razuki

Kim Goodwin
Ramona Barry

Kirsten Gray

Ghadir Razuki


Juice Webster

Claire Lefebvre 

Zoltan Fesco

Loz Pierotti

Billy Vanilli

Suzie Zezula

Marco Luccio

Amanda Cluney

Annette Syahlani

August Pearson

Eliza Radford

Eleanor Shao

Lahi Poddalgoda

Lizzy Yu

Roisin McSweeney

Holly Lambert


Kettle of Fish Wine

Bodriggy Brewing Company

Frames Readymade

Craft Victoria 


North West City News


The Kensington Crew @3031!

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