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Photography credit: Jessica Chapman & Daniel Schacher
Megan Cousins 
Jez Claridge
Alexandra Dolan 
Rose Gordon
Ash Dondio
Billie Barton
Ellen Kinnear
Alice Coates


Nabe Studios Presents:
'Hands on Isolation'

‘Hands on Isolation’ is a group show, presenting a variety of work from eight local creatives, including oil paintings, illustrations, ceramics, flower arrangements and handmade bags. This body of works seeks to illustrate a shift in the Melbourne artscape that came about through lockdown; the resurfacing of craft and making with our hands.


It celebrates a visual language that was forged out of necessity allowing each maker to catch a break, enjoy and connect. At its simplest, ‘Hands on Isolation’ is art making peeled back down to its community roots where creating for one another was a way of connecting or holding space for those who weren’t physically close to us. 


With impending rain and over 60 pieces of work, our nightman's alleyway was too small and exposed to safely accommodate us. When a call-to-action was put out to our creative community, our friends at Testing Grounds kindly offered their temporary venue for the evening (a wonderfully derelict building owned by the City of Melbourne). 

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