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Megan Cousins is a multidisciplinary artist and primary school art teacher. Her approach to artmaking is playful and experimental. Not willing to settle on just a single medium, Megan dips in and out of them all! 

Megan is drawn to the influence of connecting through artmaking, whether that be with our surroundings, others or ourselves, and she believes that creativity and creating should be accessible to everyone. 

Megan’s style of teaching is warm, calm, and relaxed, and through gently guided activities allows participants the freedom to create and explore at their own pace.

Megan Cousins Workshops

Still Life Still Dreaming

A two-part workshop involving collaborative sculpture and still life drawing, created and facilitated by Megan Cousins.

The first part of the workshop invited participants to explore a large variety of provided materials and found objects to help build, construct and add to a collaborative still-life setting. 

Megan then guided a series of lightly guided drawing activities that focussed on exploration and art play, moving away from traditional/formal still life drawing class format.


Using recycled magazines and mixed media to explore collage making in a relaxed and supportive space over coffee on a Saturday morning.


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