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Sam Manga

Edie Lang

Dinithi De Alwis Samarawickrama 

Fiona Wilson

Rachel Mari Simkover


Natalie Edge Photography

Fri 27 Oct - Sun 5 Nov, 2023


Presented by Nabe Studios

To view all of the available works, please see a copy of the exhibition catalogue

‘TACTILE’ is a group show that celebrates textiles as an expressive medium for storytelling, connection, and care.


Presented by Nabe Studios and curated by Zoë Blow, ‘TACTILE’’ features works from five textile artists: Edie Lang, Dinithi De Alwis Samarawickrama, Fiona Wilson, Rachel Mari Simkover, and Small-ish Art Prize People’s Choice Winner, Sam Manga.


The exhibition showcases each artist’s playful and unique approach to creating modern textile art using traditional crafting techniques such as weaving, embroidery, quilting, hand-dyeing, sewing, and beading.


Curator, Zoë Blow invites the audience to interact with an installation at the centre of the room. This installation comprises objects and works on loan from exhibiting artists, friends, and items discovered in local op shops. It acknowledges the common desire we share to touch textural artworks and grants permission for this tactile curiosity.


Through the works presented in this show and accompanying reading materials, ‘TACTILE’ aims to encourage a moment of reflection on our perceived value of textiles as an art form.

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