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Francesca Gonzales is a multi-disciplinary artist, music mentor, psychology student, lifeline volunteer, and community builder based in Melbourne. Her career has taken her on national and international tours, providing her with a unique insight into the realities and challenges of the music industry. Francesca is deeply passionate about mental health, and this drive fuels her efforts to foster positive change within the industry.

As the founder of Breakfast Club, Francesca has created an inclusive and supportive space where creatives from all corners of the music industry can come together and have a really great time. Through this platform, she encourages open discussions and strives to break down barriers that may hinder progress and well-being in the music community. With her diverse background and unwavering dedication, Francesca is actively working towards making the music industry a healthier and more compassionate environment for everyone involved.

21 Nov & 3 Dec
Breakfast Club: Music Industry Chats
Hosted by Francesca Gonzales
Welcome to the Breakfast Club! A cozy meetup for music creatives to discuss the industry, share insights, and build a supportive community over some brekky.

Price: $14
Dates & tickets:


BYO Food to share

Each guest will be asked to bring a small offering of breakfast goodies. Coffee and tea will be provided.

Eat breakky!

Everyone arrives at the beautiful Nabe community studios in Kensington, we drink coffee and make breakfast together. We sit down in the comfy/warm space.


Facilitated by Francesca Gonzales (musician and psych student), we all share thoughts on a topic, you can ask questions to the group, brainstorm ideas and have meaningful conversation about the industry and the times we are navigating as an artist. You can come and share or you can come and just sit and listen, its up to you :)

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