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Having studied creative arts, Chloe Octigan primarily uses photography and drawings as her chosen media. In the last year, she also have been experimenting with mixed media as a way to create visually striking pieces. As she’s gotten older, her work is less of a dreamscape and more related to the world around her. Having found at this stage in her life, social norms and her friends are her biggest inspirations. Enjoying holding a mirror up to society, but also as a way to capture this moment in time.

Mon 13 Nov - Sun 19 Nov, 2023

This Age, by Chloe Octigan 

A Window Exhibition

Walk past Nabe's mini exhibition space in our Shop front, 'The Window' to see This Age by Chloe Octigan.

​Words by artist, Chloe Octigan:

This Age is an artwork capturing this moment not only in my life but also in the lives around me. Here is part one of this series, as displayed through a collection of identical questionnaires filled out by a group of people, acting as a fun way to get to know someone. My inspiration for this series was born through celebrity idolization.


I found myself loving to read about an actor’s favourite book or a musician’s best childhood memory, but what about those around me? I adore my circle of friends and treasure and celebrate their opinions. This is a way to immortalise those very opinions. Connection through artwork can often be layered and meaningful, especially through abstract work. I wanted to counteract that, by making something simple in it’s nature, but still relatable and interesting to take in.

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