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'Brown-Orange-Pink One-Off Bag', Baggins

'Brown-Orange-Pink One-Off Bag', Baggins



Brown-Orange-Pink One-Off Bag, 2023.

Medium/Large, w/ short handle

Recycled T-Shirt Yarn


One-off scrap bag, made with 100% recycled t-shirt material from the textiles and fashion industry, diverted from landfill and turned into yarn. As the material is recycled ~ and Baggins likes to keep things fresh ~ the colours vary slightly.




Bag a little dirty? I recommend giving it a hand wash first. Give it a soak in warm soapy water and then a scrub and rinse. If that doesn’t get it all out, you can wash it in the washing machine. Just pop it in a delicates bag and put it on a cold wash on the delicates setting.



The one-woman show behind Baggins is Billie Barton. With a degree in Design and Engineering and years of endless crocheting behind her, lockdown became the perfect backdrop for Baggins to emerge. What started as creating colourful bags for her friends as a way to brighten their moods during the grim Melbourne lockdowns, has now become Billies full time creative outlet. All of her bags are hand-made using 100% recycled cotton offcuts from t-shirt manufacturing.

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